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Prof. Dr. Horst Kierdorf, Vorsitzender von Digital Health Germany e.V. und Direktor der Kliniken der Stadt Köln. Wer wir sind Digital Health Germany e.V. ist ein Zusammenschluss von allen Teilnehmern des Gesundheitswesens. Wir schaffen das Ecosystem Digitale Gesundheit und ermöglichen allen Beteiligten die Vorteile eines solchen Systems. Engagierte Mitglieder und Sponsoren sind dabei. Driving the digital transformation of Germany's healthcare system for the good of patients. The Act to Improve Healthcare Provision through Digitalisation and Innovation (Digital Healthcare Act - DVG) Apps on prescription, easy use of online video consultations and access to a secure healthcare data network for treatment everywhere - all achievements of the Act to Improve Healthcare.

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Digitalisierung des Gesundheitswesens & Ermittlung des

  1. Digital Health 2020 - EU on the Move First steps towards a European Health Union On 11 November, the Commission and the German Council Presidency, represented by German Health Minister Jens Spahn, announced their intention to work closely together on a secure European Health Data Space for better healthcare, research and health policymaking
  2. Digital Solutions for Today's Health Care Challenges Since 2018, the German Ministry of Health has pushed forward a great amount of legislative actions to digitalize the health care system. In 2019, the German parliament passed the Digital Care Act (DVG) to accelerate digitalization and innovation within the German health care market
  3. The DigiTal healTh secTor Germany is well-known for its innovation-driven pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical tech- nology and information technology sectors
  4. Millions of Germans are now experiencing digital health in the ease of their homes, often for the first time. In the future, many will expect to choose between analog and digital care, aware of the pros and cons of both channels
  5. Digital Health Germany (DHG) Wichtiger Meilenstein bereits nach einem Jahr erreicht: Digital Health Germany e.V. ist offiziell anerkannt als maßgeblicher Spitzenverband und kann künftig auf Augenhöhe mit den Krankenkassen verhandeln. Hier finden Sie die Pressemitteilung von Digital Health Germany: Erstellt am 22.06.2020. Gesundheitsregion KölnBonn e.V. - HRCB Projekt GmbH.
  6. ed, healthy lifestyle.Thus, we can consider DiGA to be digital assistants in the hands of the patient

Der Trägerverein Digital Health Germany e.V. wurde am 29. Mai 2019 mit 17 Organisationen und deren Vertreterinnen und Vertretern der Gesundheitswirtschaft in den Räumlichkeiten der Kölner Industrie- und Handelskammer gegründet. Gestartet wurde die Initiative bereits am 3 Auf diese Weise sind die führenden Nationen in verschiedenen Bereichen bereits weiter vorangeschritten als Deutschland: Rezepte etwa werden bereits selbstverständlich digital übermittelt, die wichtigsten Gesundheitsdaten der Patienten sind in digitalen (Kurz-)Akten gespeichert und Bürger können ihre Untersuchungsergebnisse, Medikationspläne oder Impfdaten online einsehen - und entscheiden, wer Zugriff auf ihre Daten haben darf

Driving the digital transformation of Germany's healthcare

The German system still operates without electronic health records or e-medication, and it has only in very limited conditions opened up to digital health applications. This has changed with the German Parliament' decision on November 7 th to pass the DVG ( Digitale Versorgung Gesetz / digital healthcare act) In late 2019, Germany's parliament passed the Digital Health Care Act (Digitale-Versorgung-Gesetz, or DVG) — an ambitious law designed to catalyze the digital transformation of the German health.. Über Digital Health Germany e.V. Ziel des Digital Health Germany e.V. ist es, ein zentrales deutschlandweites Digital Health-Netzwerk in Köln zu etablieren, in Deutschland zu positionieren und in den internationalen Austausch einzubinden

Digital health project lab: Students will work together on a selected, research-related question from the topic area of digital health. Students will be actively involved in the development of new solutions and gain deep insights into the current research work in the area, thereby consolidating their scientific work and writing Digital Health: Erleben Sie das Gesundheitswesen der Zukunft! Videosprechstunden, elektronische Impfpässe und operierende Roboter: Die Dekade der digitalen Medizin ist angebrochen! Wie digitale Technologien die Medizin prägen, ist das zentrale Thema der Digital Health Conference. Am 7. Dezember 2021 haben Sie die Möglichkeit, sich mit Experten aus dem Gesundheitswesen sowie digitalen. German digital health firm, Preventicus, has developed an app capable of detecting and preventing arrhythmia and stroke. In 2018 the German social health insurance system spent more than €230bn on medical care for its more than 73 million insured users. Taking into account more than eight million members of private health insurance programmes, the German healthcare system is one of the. Digital Health Business and Process Transformation. Digital Health Project Lab. 6 LP. 6 LP. 6 LP. 6 LP. 12 LP. Wahlpflichtmodule : 42 LP: 1. Vertiefungsgebiete Es sind insgesamt zwei der vier Vertiefungsgebiete (à 18 LP) zu absolvieren. Scalable Computing and Algorithms for Digital Health Concepts and Methods Technologies and Tools Specialization. Digitalization of Clinical and Research. The German digital health sector, however, has not been fully regulated yet and it will not be the case closer to time. For non-healthcare companies this may be, an advantage on the one hand, because the digital healthcare market is open to new ideas and growth. On the other hand, the healthcare market is very sensitive (given the fundamental right to life and health) and conservative (the.

Grundlage der Initiative Digital Health Germany ist eine Studie der Boston Consulting Group(BCG) im Auftrag des German ICT& Media Institute(GIMI), der Stadt Köln und des Universitätsklinikums Köln, die die erforderlichen Rahmenbedingungen, Technologiefelder und medizinischen Einsatzbereiche für eine entsprechende Initiative untersucht hat Germany Trade and Invest is a foreign trade and inward investment promotion agency of the Federal Republic of Germany which aims to attract investment for people to set up businesses in Germany, also provide assistance for companies indigenous to Germany to go abroad. Additionally, they focus on promoting digital health market and innovation in the healthcare domain Digital Health solutions are opening up new perspective for health and medicine. German companies are strong players in the development of innovative digital applications, covering the complete.. Digital supply and demand. German healthcare facilities use a broad range of digital systems, tools, and services and provide them to their patients. Likewise, health insurers offer a diverse range of digital services, from the online promotion of health and well-being to online stores to medical information dispensed via video chat. By contrast, relatively few practices of outpatient doctors. Reimbursement is a key challenge for many new digital health solutions, whose importance and value have been highlighted and expanded by the current COVID-19 pandemic. Germany's new Digital.

Digital Health 2020 - EU on the Move

In Germany today digital health applications (Digitale Gesundheitsanwendungen, so called DiGAs) often — if at all — are reimbursed as preventive methods or via selective contracts with individual health insurers. This go-to-market strategy was never really scalable, it never gave DiGAs total market access and only a few patients benefited from the services. Entry points into full. Liva Healthcare's digital platform is used by a broad range of healthcare organisations across Northern Europe to prevent and manage chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease through lifestyle changes. Among Liva's most prominent customers since December 2017 are NHS England, which uses the platform to fight the obesity and diabetes epidemics. Also, several health. Bei Digital Health geht es um die Zukunft von Pharma, Gesundheit und Versorgung sowie damit verbundenen Sektoren, z.B. Biotech, GenTech und Food Digital Health Management kann in insgesamt 11 Städten studiert werden, u.a. in Berlin, Bochum, Frankfurt / Main, Hamburg und Köln. Auswahl verfeinern Digital Health Management ( ohne Schnickschnack

Digital Health - GTA

Health insurance companies will be able to invest into digital health companies. German statutory and private health insurance companies are becoming VC fund partners. It is partly a unique risk-caped model, but it will mean additional market entry or financing opportunities for digital health startups in Germany. The investment fund includes €100 million from private insurances and €300. The Germany digital health market share was valued at more than USD 11 billion in 2019 and will have substantial growth during the analysis timeframe. The country took on a novel approach to combat the COVID-19 pandemic and adopted digital health extensively to curb the spread. Furthermore, high rate of technology adoption in the country coupled with relaxation of regulations during the.

Everyone with a stake in the health care system agrees: Digitization is changing health care delivery. But attitudes toward digital transformation's limits and opportunities vary widely. With its Digital Patient project, the Bertelsmann Stiftung identifies trends in the field while offering solutions to the new challenges we face. This blog serves as a platform for discussion on issues. EHR and PHR: digital records in the German healthcare system EHRs, i.e. electronic health records (German: Patientenakte, ePA), are hailed as the key to increasing the quality of care. The Appointment Service and Supply Act (TSVG), adopted on 14th March 2019, requires the German statutory health insurance funds to provide policyholders with electronic health records from 1st January 2021 onwards The Chair of Digital Health is expanding its team. Here are the currently open positions: Research Group Leader - Machine Learning and Human-Computer Interaction (full-time, TV-L Bavaria E14 scale) Postdoc / Senior Researcher - Machine Learning for Biomedical Sensor Data (full-time, TV-L Bavaria E13.. DMEA - Connecting Digital Health - Europe's leading digital health care trade fair and congress

EIT Health Germany vereint 35 renommierte Partner aus Industrie, Forschung und Lehre aus Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz in einem einzigartigen Netzwerk, die gemeinsam in ausgewählten Projekten und Programmen herausragende Innovationen im Gesundheitsbereich hervorbringen. Mehr erfahren EIT Health Germany Startups. Wir fördern Innovationen direkt da, wo sie entstehen. Wir arbeiten. Spain does not have a national institution to coordinate digital health projects. Instead, each of the Spanish regions has authorities with their own budgets. They are responsible for the expansion and coordination of digital health projects. +++ Everything you need to know about learning German online or studying for a degree in Germany online Germany is spearheading these advances, particularly with its 2019 changes on national digital health reimbursement. The country will provide further momentum during its presidency of the Council of the European Union (EU), which runs from July until December 2020 and will see it work closely with the succeeding presidencies of Portugal and Slovenia. The countries have agreed a 'trio.

An increasing demand for health care services, combined with the progressing digitization and growing awareness for health and fitness, are paving the way for digital solutions in healthcare. Germany offers outstanding conditions for growth in primary care and consumer health care segments The Digital Healthcare Act (Digitale-Versorgung-Gesetz, DVG) came into effect on December 19th 2019 introducing the app on prescription as part of healthcare provided to patients. This means that around 73 million insured in the statutory health insurance (SHI, German: Gesetzliche Krankenversicherung, GKV) are entitled to healthcare through digital health applications (Digitale. Introducing the new Digital Care Act (Digitale-Versorgung-Gesetz), which is now a part of Germany's efforts to expand the digitisation of the German healthcare system.Since the establishment of the 'E Health Act' in 2016, Germany has been pursuing the path of digitisation

(Jan. 30, 2020) On December 19, 2019, the Act to Improve Healthcare Through Digitization and Innovation (Digital Healthcare Act) (English summary) entered into force in Germany. The Digital Healthcare Act allows patients to receive health apps by prescription if certain conditions are met. The Act also makes it easier for patients to make virtual doctor visits and access their health data from. Three key legislations will have a significant impact on electronic patient records, telemedicine, e-prescription, and digital application approval and reimbursement in Germany.By Remy Denzler, Ph.D. (Consultant, Health Advances GmbH)SummarySince the formation of Germany's coalition government in March 2018, the Ministry of Health has been very active in drafting three new laws that together. Cardinal Health vereint hochwertige Produkte sowie werteorientierte Geschäfts- und Logistiklösungen und hilft damit denjenigen, die vor der Aufgabe stehen, in dem sich verändernden Umfeld der Gesundheitspflege zu agieren Germany and Sweden are well known for hosting digital health hubs that return excellent outcomes. For example, the Digital Health Hub at Nuremberg/Erlangen has an incredibly fertile ground for new. Since 1998, we connect you with key digital health technologies, decision makers, experts in Germany, India, israel & USA through our events & platforms

Statutory health insurances are now allowed to support start-ups not only know how- and market-related, but also financially - by investing directly into VC funds with focus on digital solutions in the healthcare space. Up to approximately 400 million EUR out of the financial reserves of the German statutory health insurances could be potentially invested The third webinar from a new webinar series Market Opportunities in Germany organized by the Association of German Chambers of Commerce and Industry (DIHK) in cooperation with Germany Trade & Invest (GTAI) was held on September 8, 2020 and dedicated to the topic Digital Health.. This online-session provided insights into German's Digital Health market including the latest market.

But Germany is pretty much alone in reimbursing the cost of digital health apps and its startup-friendly health minister Jens Spahn hopes that Germany can also become a European leader in the digital healthcare transformation Digital Health-Lösungen können Versorgungslücken schließen. Dabei ist es irrelevant, ob diese durch eine Pandemie hervorgerufen werden oder ohnehin schon existieren, wie beispielsweise bei Fachärzten oder in ländlichen Regionen.Continue reading. Freie Fahrt für Investitionen. von Dr. Katharina Ladewig . Ferrari hat in dieser F1-Saison eindrücklich gezeigt, dass ein exzellenter Ruf. On 11 July 2018, EIT Health Germany will host the Ship for Health Innovation Pitches (SHIP) regional finals for German and Swiss start-ups aboard the ship Königin Silvia in Heidelberg. Successful applicants in the field of biotech, medtech and digital health will be invited to the SHIP to pitch their business idea in front of a jury of entrepreneurs, industry partners and. Germany's new Digital Healthcare Act (Digitale-Versorgung-Gesetz or DVG) entitles all individuals covered by statutory health insurance to reimbursement for certain digital health applications (i.e., insurers will pay for their use). Since Germany, like the United States (US), is a multi-payer health care system, the new Act provides a particularly interesting case study for US policymakers. Startupbootcamp Digital Health Berlin is now entering its 3rd cycle, and is one of the most serious health accelerators in the continent. How, you ask? The program is supported by major pillars of healthcare, Sanofi, Munich Re, Berlin Institute of Health, Deutsche Apotheker- und Ärztebank, Vilua and legal support via Dentons. This means you will be plugging into their expertise, exposure.

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  1. HEALTH MADE IN GERMANY is the export initiative for the German healthcare industry. It supports international companies and organizations that are interested in establishing contact with potential German partners and suppliers. Set up by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi), the initiative bundles expert market.
  2. BIH Digital Health Accelerator - Demo Day 2021. Am 19. Mai 2021 laden wir Sie um 18 Uhr zum Demo Day des BIH Digital Health Accelerator Programms von Charité BIH Innovation, dem gemeinsamen Technologietransfer des Berlin Institute of Health und der Zur Veranstaltung. Alle Ausschreibungen Alle Veranstaltungen. Podcast-Folge 30 Wie können wir medizinische Daten besser nutzen? Medizinische.
  3. Wir sind die Digital Hub Initiative. An zwölf Kompetenzstandorten in Deutschland vernetzen wir gezielt Mittelstand und Corporates mit neuen Innovationspartnern aus Wissenschaft und Gründerszene. Das ist Digitalisierung, made in Germany
  4. About About Digital.Health Contact Products & Platforms Digital Diagnostics Digital Therapeutics Digital Surgery Digital Anatomy Digital Clinical Trials Digital Health at CES 2020 Digital Endpoints for Clinical Trials Digital Pharmacy Cardiology Brain & Mental Health Pulmonary Neurology Pediatrics - Early Childhood Development Pediatrics - Home Monitoring Tools Lab Testing @ home Telemedicine.
  5. We believe that the next generation of digital health applications are Digital Drugs, which are made of bits and bytes. Digital Drugs address the causes of a disease rather than its symptoms, typically through training, stimulating or modulating specific parts of the nervous system. Our products are medically proven and developed by scientists with the highest ethical standards. Our current.
  6. BIH Digital Health Accelerator. The Berlin Institute of Health (BIH) Digital Health Accelerator (DHA) is the go-to program for all employees of the BIH, Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin and the Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine (MDC), including researchers, clinicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals, who want to translate their innovative ideas into digital health.
  7. Germany benefits from digital health infrastructure during COVID-19 pandemic. Telemedicine platforms, bots and IT systems help secure medical care remotely and enable efficient crisis management and accurate resource planning. By Artur Olesch. March 26, 2020. 12:20 PM. Professor Jörg Debatin, head of the Germany's Health Innovation Hub, shares his learnings during a Talking Points webinar.

Germany is pushing the digital transformation of the healthcare sector, driven by the COVID-19 pandemic and a general need for reform. E- and M-Health are high on the agenda health tv ist der neue Fernseh-Spartensender zu Gesundheit, Ernährung, Fitness und Medizin Germany introduces Digital Supply Act to digitalise healthcare . Health minister Jens Spahn defended the new legislation against concerns about the use of patient data for medical research. By Tammy Lovell. November 13, 2019. 07:21 AM. German federal parliament, the Bundestag has passed legislation to digitalise the country's healthcare. The Digital Supply Law (DVG), which was proposed by. Germany has long resisted digitisation, but could a new law and the covid-19 pandemic ease that attitude? Helen Albert reports. Germans are not fast adopters of digital technology. With a fondness for using cash and low uptake of social media compared with most countries, they fiercely guard their right to control how personal information, including health records, is shared.1 When the. In Germany, the digitalization of life sciences and healthcare is currently an issue of utmost importance. Given the highly sensitive nature of health data and the principle of medical confidentiality, Germany has implemented strict data security and privacy requirements for the use of health data in cloud environments. This has historically led to some reluctance in using certain cloud.

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Pressemitteilung: Digital Health Germany (DHG

France: Digital Health Laws and Regulations 2021. ICLG - Digital Health Laws and Regulations - France covers digital health and healthcare IT, regulatory, digital health technologies, data use, data sharing, intellectual property, commercial agreements, AI and machine learning and liability in 22 jurisdictions At the Digital Health Exchange, German insurers, hospitals, investors and other companies and organisations with an interest in new solutions in the digital health market will meet ten innovative Swiss start-ups and companies. The aim of the format of Switzerland Global Enterprise and the Swiss Business Hub Germany is to promote cross-border exchange and to discover cooperation opportunities. Here are the shortlisted candidates from the Digital Health Category: Cliniserve, Mentalis, Vay and Ebenbuild. On 11 May 2021, we are hosting the D.A.CH. Regional Selection of EIT Health Catapult and this year the exciting pitch competition will include 12 promising startups from Europe. Meet the four Digital Health teams and learn more about their projects: Cliniserve. Product/service idea in. Der Digital Health Hub Nürnberg/Erlangen baut auf den bereits bestehenden Strukturen auf und will mit konsequenten Digitalisierungsmaßnahmen tradierte Abläufe im Gesundheitssektor aufbrechen. Durch die Anregung des Wachstumsmarkts Gesundheit soll die Qualität der Gesundheitsversorgung weiter verbessert werden A country's journey towards an interoperable digital health ecosystem. This case study documents Nepal's journey towards the achievement of an interoperable digital health ecosystem. It aims to highlight how digitalisation is strengthening Nepal's health system and enabling health sector reform, and to provide insights based on Germany's support for digitalisation in Nepal that are.

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Digital health systems need to be secure, compliant and intuitive. Complex functionalities and confusing technical implementations should be avoided to facilitate user operation. Regulatory requirements mandate strict compliance with data protection and privacy laws as well as international standards and best practices for quality assurance and quality management. Security requirements mandate. In November 2019, the parliament passed a new law which will provide reimbursement for digital healthcare provision for the around 70 million publicly insured patients in Germany (Digital Health Service Act/ Digitale-Versorgung-Gesetz - DVG) Germany's jumpstart into digital health The German Parliament decided to pass the DVG (Digitale Versorgung Gesetz / digital healthcare act) on November 7th. From summer 2020 on, German doctors will be able to prescribe digital health applications to the 72 million insured citizens of the statutory healthcare system (Jan. 30, 2020) On December 19, 2019, the Act to Improve Healthcare Through Digitization and Innovation (Digital Healthcare Act) (English summary) entered into force in Germany. The Digital Healthcare Act allows patients to receive health apps by prescription if certain conditions are met

Verein Digital Health Germany gegründet - Stadt Köl

Liva Healthcare's digital platform is used by a broad range of healthcare organisations across Northern Europe to prevent and manage chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease through lifestyle changes Professor for Digital Health & Machine Learning. Office: Room: G-2.1.22 Phone.: +49-(0)331 5509-4850 Fax: +49-(0)331 5509-4849 E-mail: office-arnrich(at)hpi.de / office-lippert (at)hpi.de. Visiting address: Campus III Building G2 Rudolf-Breitscheid-Straße 187 14482 Potsdam, Germany. Press and media contact: Saskia Blank PR Manager Digital Health Ein Jahrzehnt Digital-Health-Start-ups im DACH-Raum Es ist eine spannende Zeit für Digital-Health-Start-ups im deutschsprachigen Raum. Durch den Ausbruch der Pandemie vor rund einem Jahr hat der aufstrebende, schnell wachsende Sektor einen weiteren Schub bekommen

Video: Digital Health-Index - Bertelsmann Stiftun

Digital Health Guid Das Ziel besteht darin, die Rahmenbedingungen für die Digitalisierung zu verbessern. Dazu gehören u. a. Fragestellungen der Vernetzung der Akteure, digitale Infrastrukturen für das Gesundheitswesen, Digital-Health-Anwendungen für Diagnose und Therapie und Big Data Anwendungen für Medizin und Versorgung Digitale Medizin Multi-Omics Organoide und Zell-Engineering Das Berlin Institute of Health in der Charité und das Max-Delbrück-Centrum für Molekulare Medizin feiern die Eröffnung des Käthe-Beutler-Hauses auf dem Campus Berlin-Buch. Mehr erfahren. 12. März 2021 . Verschiedene Krankheiten - Gemeinsame Stoffwechselwege . Wissenschaftler*innen des BIH veröffentlichen in Nature.

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Das Hasso-Plattner-Institut ist ein universitäres Exzellenz-Center für IT-Systems Engineering, Data Engineering und Digital Health in Potsdam. Es bietet vom Bachelor bis zur Promotion eine ausgezeichnete Ausbildung in kleinen Gruppen Unsere digitalen Produkte und vernetzten Versorgungslösungen machen heute schon möglich, was viele noch für Zukunftsmusik halten. Mit unserem Gesamtportfolio bedienen wir eine große Bandbreite digitaler Themen in der Medizin, von der Fallakte bis zum Epidemie-Management System. Wir arbeiten täglich daran, alle Akteure des Gesundheitswesens miteinander zu vernetzen und mit digitalen. Late last year Jens Spahn, Germany's energetic health minister, managed to get his Digital Healthcare Act approved by parliament. It would allow doctors to prescribe digital health apps to patients, offer online video consultations and write e-prescriptions — and be reimbursed for doing so Digital Health impact evaluation and implementation are our core competencies. As a global institution for Digital Health we support pharma, medtech and insurance companies to set Digital Health strategies, develop and roll out profitable Digital Health services internationally

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Ellusion ist ein führender Digital Transformation Consultant und die größte Deutsche Digital Health Care Agentur. Wir nutzen digitale Möglichkeiten in allen Facetten und glauben an die Digitalisierung von Ideen jeder Art The Digital-Supply-Act (Digitale-Versorgung-Gesetz, DVG), which aims to further promote digitization in the German health care system, entered into force on 19 December 2019 and regulates, inter.. So maybe the German health tech start-up scene is simply more distributed, as the whole country is. Overall, the digital healthcare space radiates a beam of excitement that reminds me of the early days. This new breed of start-ups stands on the shoulders of giants which have paved the way. Unlike two decades ago, the consumers (patients, people) are now there, and they are ready for change. Dann bewerbt Euch für die Aufnahme in den Healthy Hub! Dieses Mal im Fokus: Blended Care-Lösungen, bei denen digitale Lösungen in analoge Versorgungsprozesse integriert werden. Unser Wettbewerb richtet sich an Startups und Innovatoren, die Digital Health-Lösungen für die gesetzliche Kranken- und Pflegeversicherung anbieten wollen

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